Sepset Biosciences Inc. is a molecular diagnostics company developing a first-in-class diagnostic assay for the very early and rapid diagnosis of severe sepsis. This novel diagnostic is based on the detection of a unique signature of severe sepsis based on the dysfunctional immune response rather than the presence of a pathogen.

This novel technology represents tremendous commercial potential since sepsis is one of the most expensive conditions for hospitals to treat and current methods of diagnosis (including blood cultures) can take over 24 hours and are not very accurate in predicting early sepsis. Sepsis causes the hospitalization of more than 40 million people around the world every year, including 75,000 Canadians. It has a  staggering 23-30% mortality rate  (leading to 19.7% of all deaths) while leaving most survivors suffering from long-term, physical and physiological effects (post-sepsis syndrome). The total cost of treating sepsis in the USA amounts to $24 billion per year.