Sepset Biosciences is a diagnostic company developing a point-of-care blood test for hospitals to identify septic patients in the emergency room (ER) and predict those who will have high risk for organ failure. Sepset’s test will provide earlier and more reliable data to help physicians select the right treatment for the right patients and the right time. Our vision is to increase patient survival and improve quality of care, while at the same time improve efficiency in hospital spending.


Sepset Biosciences was launch in 2016 as a spinout company from CDRD (now known as adMare BioInnovations) by Dr. R.E.W (Bob) Hancock, and Dr. Olga Pena. In 2014, Drs. Hancock and Pena identified a novel gene signature that was able to distinguish between septic and non-septic patients and predict organ failure [Pena, 2014]. The following year, they filed for a patent on the gene signature (currently in national entry phase). Sepset will have exclusive license to background intellectual property. CDRD provided Sepset with seed funding and management support. Dr. Hancock and his collaborators are currently initiating a large multi-center international clinical study to statistically validate the gene signature.