Sepset Biosciences Inc. is an adMare BioInnovations spin-off company in collaboration with Dr. Robert Hancock and Dr. Olga Pena at the University of British Columbia. Together, we are developing a first in class diagnostic assay for the early and rapid diagnosis of sepsis. This unique diagnostic is based on the detection of a unique signature of sepsis based on the immune response rather than the presences of a pathogen.

This novel technology represent tremendous commercial potential as sepsis is one of the most expensive conditions for hospitals to treat and current methods of diagnosis (including blood cultures) can take over 24 hours and are not fully predictive. Sepsis causes the hospitalization of more than 18 million people around the world every year, including 30,000 Canadians, with a staggering 30% mortality rate while leaving most survivors suffering from long-term, physical and physiological effects. Many patients diagnosed with sepsis require care in the ICU, placing a considerable burden on the health care system. The total cost of treating sepsis in Canada amounts to $325 million annually.