As COVID-19 continues to ravage our healthcare systems, the race to find solutions is on. For Dr. Bob Hancock, a Vancouver-based microbiologist, this means tackling sepsis — a potentially life-threatening organ dysfunction caused by the body’s response to an infection, and the second leading cause of death among COVID 19 patients.  (The Province, 2020)

Sepsis is the body’s over active and toxic response to an infection that causes hospitalization of more than 18 million people around the world every year, including 30,000 Canadians Declared a Global Health Priority by the World Health Organization in 2017 80% of sepsis deaths in hospitals could be prevented with rapid diagnosis and treatment […]

Robert Hancock and Olga Peña—who lost her father to sepsis—may have found a way to diagnose the deadliest syndrome you’ve never heard of. The doctor suspected 70-year-old Augustin Peña had the flu, so he sent him home to rest and drink lots of fluids. But after three days of continuing to suffer, Peña entered the […]

Vancouver, BC:  Marking “World Sepsis Day”, The Centre for Drug Research and Development (CDRD) announces the spin-off of a new company, Sepset Biosciences Inc. The company is developing a novel rapid diagnostic test that will enable healthcare professionals to provide earlier and more targeted treatment of sepsis – a global healthcare problem that is more […]